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Making Quality A Family Tradition






Kimball Lacey

        Kimball Lacey was born in Toronto and moved to Prince Edward County in 2002. He started working in the vineyard of a local winery, and was made assistant winemaker by Norman Hardie until 2006. During that time Kimball took the Grape and Wine Certificate Program at Universtiy of Guelph. 

        In 2007 Kimball began working at Closson Chase, where he later became associate winemaker. On top of his full time job at Closson Chase, he is also busy with his own winemaking duties as Lacey Estates.

        Kimball has created many award winning, hand-crafted wines. Producing quality wines that respect the grapes is what sets Kimball's wine making philosophy apart from others.

Making  quality wines with character is a family tradition.


        The journey towards winemaking started when Charles and Mollie Lacey purchased property in Hillier, in 1982, as a summer retreat.

        Hillier is known to be one of the best areas for grape growing in the county.  Its rich Hillier clay loam soil produces wines with profound tastes, textures and balance.  

        In 2003 our family planted the first vines in the field: pinot gris, pinot noir, and chardonnay. As years progressed and our palates developed, so did the vineyard. Riesling, gewurztraminer, and baco noir vines were then planted.

        In 2009, Lacey Estates opened its retail store. We are a family owned and operated winery, located in the beautiful area of Prince Edward County. Visit us and enjoy a glass of wine on our porch, overlooking our newest vineyard.

Our Winemaker